Siesta Chan

Discord Chatbot

Siesta Chan

Discord Chatbot


Here are some of the features available from the Siesta-chan bot


Discord chatbot for fun
Support DM chatbot

Custom Channel

Support custom channel chatbot in Discord Server


Always active 24/7 with the best hostinger

Fast Respond

Fast respond Discord chatbot

Open Souce Code

Open Source Discord bot

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Commands list for Siesta chatbot

Commands Descriptions
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?help Provides all information about all commands provided by Siesta chan's bot.
?setchat Choose a channel where the Siesta chan bot can start a conversation with you or with other people.
?dischat Deactivating the conversation channel to Siesta Chatbot.
?invite Provide an invite link from the Siesta chan bot to be invited to the server you want.
?vote Provide voting links to support the Siesta chan bot through the official public Discord bot websites such as,, and
?uptime Provides information about how long the Siesta chan bot status has been active (real time) from the start of the release. (not including when the bot is restarted).
?about Provides all information about Siesta chan's bot.
?feedback Give your feedback to developer Siesta chan's bot.
?bugsreport Report to the developer about the bug you got from Siesta chan's bot.
?ping Provides information about Siesta chan's ping bot latency.
?src Provides information about the public source code link of the Siesta chan bot.